Our "Agnes"

Our artistic "testimonial" is a Pinzgau cow and is called AGNES. The Pinzgau cows are characteristic for our region. The Pinzgauer cow is medium to large framed, horned, with a strikingly long rump and short head. It is chestnut brown with a broad white stripe from the withers over the back, the back of the thighs, as well as from the belly to the lower chest. The tail is also white. White bands run over the lower leg and usually also over the upper arm. Animals of this breed have a good depth of chest and flanks as well as a pronounced muscling of the thighs.

You will meet our "Agnes" in many areas of the Hotel Krimml and she will inform you about our region and the Hohe Tauern National Park. Agnes also travels a lot in the area and knows her way around: Listen to her carefully and learn from her.

Agnes and many other cows were painted by organic farmer, artist and sculptor Theresia Innerhofer from the Reiterbauer in Hollersbach. Her cows are colourful and dazzling and we have a lot of fun with Agnes. You can constantly admire some of Theresia's works at Hotel Krimml. If you want to know more about Theresia and her work, you are welcome to visit her homepage. A great artist, farmer and woman!